2006 NFL Draft: The Reggie Bush Sweepstakes


While it is nonetheless a couple of months just before the NFL Draft, with the regular season winding down, it is really a superb time as any to take a glance at the groups that are”competing’ for the league’s worst record and also the right to draft the lone”can’t miss” college player, USC running back/receiver/kick return specialist Reggie Bush.

In case you’re not sure of this kid’s potential on day one of the school football year, after watching him blow by defenses in 2004, after watching his last two matches against Fresno State and UCLA, you must be convinced now, right?? ทางเข้า SBOBET

Current favorite: The Houston Texans

Are going to a couple changes , especially in the coaching department, as Dom Capers and his staff will probably either be shown the door at the close of the summer season, or even sooner. David Carr was supposed to develop in the franchise QB by now, but we really don’t know how very good he could be because of the lack of expertise . The Texans management still believe he’s got potential, so they’ll not be drafting his replacement in 2006.

Bush could give the team no less than a watch-able participant, something that they don’t have in the moment. Not positive about you, but Domanick Davis doesn’t exactly get the juices flowing.

The San Francisco 49ers

This may be the optimal/optimally scenario for the San Diego native, since the hometown Chargers won’t pick til late in the 1st round. Near San Diego.

The 49ers were once a proud company, and with a underrated coach like Mike Nolan at the helm, all he needs are quite a few difference-makers, which Bush definitely is. Interesting enough, the Niners face the Texans in week 17, possibly with the USC star as the prize for the loser.

Ny Jets

Together with the team having so much uncertainty about thir current quarterback circumstance, namely the well-being of Chad Pennington, Matt Leinart may be the more beneficial option. The Jets still have Curtis Martin in the backfield, and he can still run despite his age by evidenced by his rushing title in 2004.

With Eli Manning starring for the cross town Giants, the Jets would likewise love to get a really good marquee signalcaller. But can they really give Bush??


Brett Favre probably will not allow the Pack to finish with the league’s worst record, particularly with all the Lions and Ravens remaining on the program. Who even knows yet if he’ll be back next year, because it’s pretty much assured that head coach Mike Sherman is a goner.

As well as the group definitely wont draft another QB, since Aaron Rodgers is the future, ” I suppose? If Favre returns for another couple of years, he may not ever observe the area.

The health of Ahman Green is also an problem, so Bush are the perfect fit for GB. He’d also give Favre a dump-off man, so hopefully he won’t continue to throw into policy. But old habits aren’t easy to break, especially 14 year old habits.

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