Tournament Poker – Cara Berhenti Menendang Pantat Anda


You are a good poker player You have read excellent poker books from winning poker pros and famous poker writers. These books tell you that their competition is to win the tournament.

You pay your money and enter. This time you will win

But, how well you think, and the great poker strategy that you have learned from these poker books, you get your ass kicked again Why

The first reason is that much of what is written is intended to help you win the winning poker tournament. Think About It If you are a professional poker player and your livelihood is based on winning money from your opponents, will you reveal your secrets to your opponents?

In fact, many books cannot make it easy, but if you follow their strategy, they will know the card that you hold.

The second reason is that other tournament poker books written by famous poker writers focus on playing smart. Playing smart means playing with math. These writers can tell you the best from the start. They say you do better head-ups. They talk about marijuana opportunities, marijuana equity, hand span, etc. This info is important to know, but guess what? These books only make your game so predictable that your game is transparent to your opponents.

The third reason that you haven’t succeeded When was the last time you raised your pre-flop when was the last time you fired a third barrel? When was the last time you hovered a player?

To get better, you need to work at your poker. I have helped poker players open their games and win poker tournaments. The first step is to get a Free Poker Evaluation.

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